A special request to my customers

My little babies are looking for “Forever Homes”
Each baby is very special to me.
PLEASE – No Spontaneous Buying.
Please take the time to think about your purchase.
Talk it over with your family before you proceed.

These babies will fall in love with you after only a few days. It is heart breaking and very hard on them to be passed around to different owners. Please try to give them “forever homes”

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The Best Bird Guarantee. Period !
If you find another breeder offering a better health guarantee I will match it.
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I will review the guarantee and match any health related issues. Period!

I Practice A  “Back To The Basics Breeding Program”

It’s not about having the rarest or most exotic parrotlet –
It’s about having the healthiest parrotlet.
Many parrotlet breeders are now producing beautiful mutations (colors) These birds are in fact beautiful, However the process of producing these birds involves inbreeding , cross breeding and line breeding.  Any color of parrotlet other than green is a mutation. A mutation is a genetic flaw. In order to produce the color mutation you must breed two birds together that both have the genetic flaw. For example to produce a fallow (Red Eyed Bird) you must have a male and female that both have the genetic flaw in their bloodline. I am currently working on an article and researching this topic. The breeding of genetic flaws is actually causing a shortness of life. We are learning that these mutations not only carry the color flaw, but many of them also carry the genetic flaws that produce cancer, blindness, liver and or kidney disease. We still have a lot to learn about parrotlet mutations, however one thing we do know NOW is that they have a much shorter life span. Parrotlets should live 15 to 20 years. We are seeing life spans as short as 5 or 6 years and sometimes only 3 or 4 years. Mutation breeding can be done responsibly but it takes several years. I am currently working on a few different color mutations, However the process will take several years as I am breeding every other generation back to green in order to keep the bloodline strong.
As I complete my research I will post more information about mutation breeding.