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Reservation Service
Payment Policy & No Refund Policy

We have two different kinds of Reservation fees.
Please read this page and ask us any questions you may have in advance before sending the reservation payment.
Due to the nature of our business we must follow the below policies.

30 Day Reservation
* Can be extended by two weeks if needed.
If you need to extend your reservation please contact me a week in advance before the 30 days runs out. I will extend the reservation another 2 weeks if needed.

What is a reservation fee and what is it for?
It is a service that we offer to our customers. We will hold the baby bird for the customer and assure it is not sold to anyone else. The reservation service holds the bird until it is ready to be shipped or picked up (30 days max). The estimated date that the bird will be ready is posted next to each bird. When it is ready to be shipped or picked up we will then apply the reservation fee directly to the cost and price of the bird and the customer will then be responsible to pay the balance due. We will work out arrangements if more time is needed.
What if the baby bird is ready now?
If the bird is ready to be shipped or picked up now or will be ready in just a few days, You can still send in a reservation payment or pay in full and we will hold the baby for up to 30 days for you. After one month you will then be required to pay the balance or contact us for new arrangements or to increase the time 2 weeks at no charge. The ready to be sold date will be listed next to each bird on the website. 
Contact us if you have any questions

#1 Holding Reservation fees ( POLICY)

A 50% reservation payment is required to hold or reserve one of the babies. This will hold your baby until it is ready to be shipped or until you come to pick up the baby. At that time we will apply the reservation fee to the balance due.
(whichever comes first not to exceed 30 days total time - unless prearranged)

Sending us a reservation payment will in fact make sure your baby is not sold to anyone else. These payments and fees are not refundable and non-transferable in any way. If you change your mind and no longer want the bird you will not get your money back. If you are buying more than one bird and change your mind and only want to take one of the babies you will lose the reservation fee paid for the baby you did not take. It will not be transferred to any other bird.

policy is put in place to assure fees are covered for advertising, feeding costs and selling time that is lost due to the buyer backing out of the sale. Please make sure you want the bird before you place an order or send a reservation payment. I can not stress this enough, payments are not refundable or transferable in any way. We are dealing with live precious animals. Serious buyers only please! If you place a reservation on a bird and can not pay the balance when the bird is ready, contact us directly to work out an extension on payment. To send a reservation payment click on the buy now link next to each baby bird or go directly to the order page.
click here

* If buying more than one bird:
If you send a reservation payment on more than one bird, and then decide to not purchase one of the birds that you reserved. The payment is not refundable or transferable to the other bird(s) you have ordered. You will still be required to pay the balance due on the other bird(s) and will lose the reservation fee you paid on the bird(s) you decided to not purchase.

* Paying your balance:
We will notify you when the baby bird is ready to be shipped or picked up. At that time we will apply the reservation payment that we received to the balance of the order and the customer will be required to send payment for the balance due. If you need more time just contact us and we will work something out for you. We love our baby birds and our customers so it is important to us that everyone is happy.


We are located in Holiday FL off of Mile Stretch Rd. zip 34690
We schedule appointments at this location only.
If outside of our local pick up area please see our
shipping page.

Our Health Guarantee

#2 Pickup Deposit or Come and look Deposit

Because we are not open to the public, we require a $10 fee to be paid in advance to come and look at our babies. The $10 deposit will come off of the amount due for the bird and applied to the sale. The $10 payment will be refunded if you come look at the babies and we did not have one that you wanted.

You will not lose your $10 payment
as long as you show up for the appointment

We schedule the appointments after the fee has been paid. Appointments are scheduled only for Sundays or Wednesdays unless special arrangements are made. This type of payment does NOT hold the bird. Unless a 50% reservation payment is received the bird will be still listed for sale and anyone can purchase it from the website at anytime. Our babies tend to sell quickly, if all of the babies are sold before your appointment time we will contact you and refund your $10 payment.

Pickup Deposit Refund Policy:
If you schedule the appointment and show up at the scheduled time and you do NOT purchase one of the babies we WILL refund your $10 deposit.

If you have placed a reservation deposit on one of the babies you will not be required to place a $10 pickup deposit in order to come pickup your bird.  Pickup deposits are only for customers who have not placed a regular 50% reservation payment and want to view the babies first. Due to the nature of our business and our location we will not schedule an appointment without a pick up deposit being sent in advance. We are not able to accommodate people who only want to look or window shop.



We are located in Holiday FL off of Mile Stretch Rd. zip 34690
We schedule appointments at this location only.
If outside of our area please see our shipping page.


Order - Buy Now Page


We are located in Holiday FL off of Mile Stretch Rd. zip 34690
We schedule appointments at this location only.
If outside of our area please see our shipping page.


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