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This page will answer any questions you may have about the local delivery service as in, how it works, delivery times, weather issues, re-scheduling, tracking information and more.


Info And Delivery Schedule – Click Here
My home delivery service is offered every two weeks. Twice each month I ship my babies. Delivery to your local area will normally be on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I will contact you in advance so that you can be home to accept your delivery. We ask all customers to be available for delivery on both the expected delivery day and also the next day. If a baby misses a connection or flight and is delayed it can result in a delay. This is very rare and happens maybe 4 out of every 100 times. Each baby is supplied with lots of water and food for the trip and has enough to last several days in case of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions & Information:
Q – How often do you offer local delivery?

A – About very two weeks. If the baby is not ready to go and needs a couple of extra days or if weather issues come up, I then sometimes will reschedule deliveries for a few days or a week later so that customers do not have to wait a full two weeks for my next scheduled delivery dates.
Q – Is it safe?

A – Yes, I believe it is very safe, I have never had any issues as of date with the service. Each baby has arrived healthy and safe. Keep in mind that many birds are shipped in the same way everyday to countries outside of the United States, that process can take 2 to 7 days in some cases and the babies arrive safe and healthy. I personally do not offer export services outside of the USA because I dont want my babies traveling for 5 to 7 days, But I do use the same process for deliveries in the USA because it is very fast and in most cases only takes about 10 to 14 hours. I am confident this is a safe way of delivery.
Q – Can it be delayed? What about Weather Issues?

A – Yes as with all delivery services anything can happen to cause a delay. human error, weather issues a missed connection or flight can cause a delay. Not to worry, It is very rare that this happens and the baby is normally only delayed a few hours or at the most one day. The babies are set up to remain nourished  for up to one week in case of any emergencies.
Winter Months:
In order to ship or deliver the local temperature
needs to be no lower than 40
° on delivery day.
If your local temperature is lower than 40° on delivery day
we will work together and schedule delivery for the next
weekday that meets the temperature requirements.Summer Months:
Delivery companies have different policies for summer months. Generally they require the outside local temperature to be below 92
°. Please understand that we may have to reschedule if the temperature becomes an issue.
(see your guarantee contract for shipping terms of service)
Q- What if no one is home or I know in advance that I will not be home for the delivery?

A – If you know in advance that you will not be home ormay not be home – Let me know in advance. I can request my delivery guy to schedule your baby to be held at a local climate controlled business or post office. When you are available or as soon as you get off of work you simply stop by and pick up the baby on your way home. This service does not cost any extra, but I need to know in advance.
 If you believe we need to make these arrangements
Email me or call 727-493-4816
Q- Do you offer weekend local delivery service?

A – No not normally, Many businesses close early on Saturdays or are closed on Sunday. If in the rare event the baby misses a flight or has a delay I do not want the delivery process held up because it may fall out of business hours. Even though my babies are set up with a weeks worth of food and water I do not take any unnecessary chances with weekend deliveries. If you are not able to accept delivery during the week let me know in advance and we can have your baby held at a local drop off location in climate control until you are available or until you get off work.
Q- Do you guarantee live arrival?

A – Yes, I have never had any babies experience health issues as a result of delivery or shipping. I have also spoken with several colleges who have used the service for years and as of date they have never experienced any deaths as a result of delivery service. I love my babies and would not expose them to any service that did not have my confidence.
Q – Are your babies guaranteed?

A – Yes, I offer the very best bird breeder guarantee available. Do not forget to read my sales contract and health guarantee here.
Q – Will we know the exact delivery time or tracking information?

A – No, The service is set up so that each baby should be delivered by 4pm. However in most cases and based on customer feedback – The babies are normally delivered between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. If you need exact times I would suggest having us schedule the baby to be taken from the airport to the local post office or shipping office in your city and then you can pick the baby up at your
convenience after they call you. This works very well for people who do not want to take the day off from work to wait at home for delivery.
Q – Do you use the same delivery service for each delivery?

A – No, depending on what state and city you live in, my delivery guy will schedule with someone local. In areas where there is no local delivery service available he will schedule for the baby to be sent directly from the airport to the local post office for pickup or delivery to your home. Because of these different options he is able to offer us delivery to almost every place in the USA.
Q – Does the process cause stress for the baby?
A – Very little, Unlike dogs and cats the baby birds are already used to be being in small playpen boxes. I have prepared my babies for delivery since they first opened their eyes. I believe that as a result my babies experience very little stress during the delivery process. So putting them in the travel compartment is not much different to what they were raised in and already used to everyday. I supply lots of food , water, veggies and a small toy (Toy – when available). The feedback I receive from customers is great! The babies seem un-fazed with the travel time and are normally ready to come out of the box to play or sit on your finger right away. I do however suggest letting the baby have a couple of days to get used to its new home before having a playtime. Each baby has its very own personality so a few of them may be a little frightened or scared for the first day or so. Make sure to read my new bird at home information page here.
Q – What if my baby has not arrived and its almost 4pm?
A – In the rare case that the baby has not arrived do not worry. Sometimes it is a result of a missed connection or flight along the way. The babies are supplied with lots of water and food and in the rare case that this would happen. The baby may be delivered later in the evening or the following day. I do like to be updated during the process so please send me a quick message to let me know of any delays. At that point I will contact my delivery guy to let him know and ask him to start tracking the delivery.Do not worry, remember that many birds are shipped in the same way everyday to countries outside of the United States, that process can take up to a week in travel time. I personally do not offer export services but I know and talk to several breeders who do. I am confident it is a safe way of delivery.
Q – Is there a difference between local delivery and airport to airport delivery service?

A – Yes – But both services are same day service (24 hour). Airport to Airport delivery provides flight numbers, arrivals times and tracking information. Home delivery is exactly the same as far as how the baby travels but 3rd party companies take care of scheduling, tracking and delivery and because of the logistics involved we are not supplied with the same kind of tracking information as airport to airport delivery provides.
This page covers local delivery service for Airport to Airport delivery information – Click Here
Q – What do you charge for local delivery services and how are you able to offer it for the cost that you do?
A –
 I have been asked this question a few times. Right now local delivery is the most popular service. The normal delivery cost including delivery box is around $79. The overall actual cost to me is about $100, however I have notpassed that cost onto my customers. I have a business friend that I use for my home delivery services. He takes care of everything such as, Picking up the baby from my house, ordering the putting together all of the delivery boxes. Scheduling each delivery according to what state and city the baby is going to and also takes pre-delivery photos of each baby prior to delivery. He then takes each baby to the delivery drop off location and emails me daily updates. I pay him a set price for each baby based on what the the average delivery cost is including all of his services, time and labor. Because I use him for all of my local deliveries I am able to pay only about $95 for each bird. Keep in mind that he incurs different prices depending on where the baby is being sent. For example his actual delivery cost in one area may only be $40 or $50 dollars and then in another area it could be as high as $200 dollars. The price he charges me is based on what he calls his national average. I pay him $95 per bird, but I only charge my customers about $79 total for this service.
Q – What is the difference between local delivery and the free delivery service or discounted delivery specials I sometimes see posted on your website?
A –
 None, there is no difference. It is the same service overall. All delivery services such as United Airlines, Delta, Post Office, FedEx and others use the same exact flights in most cases.  Sometimes I will put a few limited babies on special and offer free local delivery or discounted delivery prices. it is the same service you have been reading about here on this page. The only difference is I cover the cost out of my pocket for these very limited specials.
Q – If delivery is late or delayed do I get a shipping refund?

A – No, Delays are very rare but have to be expected to happen from time to time. Because of this we advise all customers to make themselves available both the day of expected delivery and the day after.
Q – If I order more than one bird will it cost me more for delivery?
A –
 No, I can comfortably ship 2 to 3 babies together in the same delivery box with no issues. Because of this I do not charge my customers any extra. If you place an order for a second baby prior to your first babies delivery let me know and you will not be charged any extra delivery fees.
Q – Who is the person you use to take care of and set up your deliveries?
A –
 That is an ancient Chinese secret  (smile)
I do get asked this question sometimes and because this is a competitive industry I do not give out my little secrets. However, rest assured the person who takes care of all my deliveries is also a personal friend of mine and I have great confidence in what he does. It is not an easy task.
Here is a list of a few things I am thankful of that he does for the price I am charged.

* Prepays for everything.
* Orders and picks up all of the shipping boxes.
* Goes out and purchases all the supplies.
example – Food, millet, water dishes, toys, clear packing tape, black gorilla tape, printer ink, paper, zip ties & more.
* Assembles the shipping boxes.
* Attaches and glues in all of the HEPA air filters.
* Cuts out the drinking container lid.
* Glues the drinking container to the bottom of the box so that it does not tip over.
* Picks the babies up from my home the night before your delivery day.
* Schedules the delivery with the different companies.
* Adds a weeks worth of food water and veggies along with a small toy when available to each box.
* Records the weight of each baby prior to shipping
* Takes a photo of the delivery box and the baby prior to shipping.
* Takes the babies to the drop of locations.
* Tracks the delivery and keeps me notified.
* Invoices me separately for each baby and includes a receipt of delivery for each baby.

A lot of logistics is involved in order to assure a quick and safe delivery. So if my delivery guy is reading this page I want to personally thank him for all of the good hard work you have done to assure my little guys are delivered safe. Thank you!

 100% Safety Record of Delivery
Local Delivery
 service is Quick and SAFE!

My Baby Bird Local Delivery Program
The program has the following features:

  • Babies travel within specially designed  shipping boxes and are put  in specially designed plane compartments that are pressurized in the same way as passenger cabins. Total delivery time averages 18-36 hours.
  • On the ground, most warehouse & facilities are climate-controlled for the safety of your baby. To ensure comfort in any weather conditions, pets are generally the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane.
  • Birds receive personal handling from the service companies that we use. – Different companies are used depending on your area.
  • All babies travel with enough food and water for at least 6 days just incase of any emergencies or uncontrollable delays.
  • These babies are used to warm temperatures that average about 90 to 93 degrees. However, most facilities are climate-controlled and kept around 78 to 80 degrees. Being tropical birds the warmer temperatures are comfortable to the babies. In the winter months I can include a small disposable heater in each delivery box to keep your baby nice and warm during the trip to your home.

 I ship twice each month – Every two weeks
Shipping dates are not guaranteed because the airlines & courier service companies are not always able to get all of my babies booked for the dates I request or need.  I will send the delivery information as soon as I have it confirmed. My requested days for home delivery is Tuesday or Wednesday.


More shipping information: Home Delivery

We can ship 1 to 3 babies in a single crate all for the same price.

Shipping charges are in addition to the price of the baby bird.