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Pacific Parrotlets
photo by my customer: Doreen Coxon

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The smallest Parrots in the world!

Parrotlets are becoming one of the most popular companion birds. Due to the small size of the Parrotlet – 4 to 5 inches in length, beautiful feathers, long life span of 18 to 25 years average, funny behavior, low maintenance, ability to speak and inability to make load noises are all factors which make them the perfect bird pet. Because that they are true Parrots, and related cousins to the large Amazon Parrot, Parrotlets are also smart, fearless, curious, acrobatic, and capable of developing a loving bond with their owners. Check out our Parrotlet Information page for care, diet and species information.

Parrotlet Breeding Ethics and Standards are #1 !

We are devoted to raising the healthiest, happiest, strongest Parrotlets. We take great care with regard to diet, housing, cleanliness, record keeping and genetic diversity of colors. All of our Parrotlets are banded with identification numbers. Learn more about us.

Parrotlets are amazing, intelligent, adaptable, energetic and are capable of speaking just like Parrots. And because they can not scream, Parrotlets can easily be kept in a small apartment without fear of complaints. Overall, they are one of the quietest hook bills you can keep.

We ship Parrotlets year around. Learn more about our Parrotlet shipping.

Breeding Ethics and Standards are #1 !
Prior Members of the International Parrotlet Society.