Schedule Appointments

We are available for pick ups on Sundays and Wednesdays only.
(with advance notice, deposit  and scheduling)
Due to the nature of our business and our location, we require a $10 pickup deposit or a 50% holding deposit before we will schedule any pickups. We are not able to accommodate people who only want to look or window shop. 50% Holding deposits are non-refundable.
$10 Pickup deposits are refundable if you keep your appointment and do not pick out a bird. If you do pick out a bird the $10 pickup deposit will then come off the price of the bird.

Please view our deposit page for full deposit details.

Use our contact page to schedule your appointment.


After your order or deposit is received we will schedule a time for you to come and pick up your new baby.
Note: We do not schedule appointments if we have not received a deposit.
A Closed Aviary:
We have a smoke free environment, and we are a ‘closed’ aviary, in that the breeding area is not open to the public in order to control disease and the stress of having strangers walking into and around the birds. Parrots have been known to abandon the nest box and babies because of strangers being to close. This is something our African Grey has done in the past . Closed aviary also indicates that we have established all of the breeders and raise new breeders from our own stock. We do not bring birds from outside of our aviary into or around our bird room. A closed aviary prevents outside illness and disease. However, the nursery babies are open to visitors with appointments.