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Copyright policies / Photo Policy

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Our Photos and Images
Can you use our photos?  Yes

You are free to use our photos and images on any website for educational purposes or for teaching  others about parrotlets or any other birds we raise. We do not require a link back to our website, however it would be nice. We see our personal photos being used on hundreds of different websites, and we are very proud and happy to share any photos we have taken. For example our photos are shared on hundreds of different facebook pages. You are welcome to use them on your website, facebook or blogs for educational purposes. Please do not use them in any for sale ads. If we have indicated that the photo was courtesy of another person or website you will have to contact that person or website directly for use permissions.

Text and Information
The information on our website is from hundreds of different online public resources put together slowly over the last 8 or 9 years. The information is for learning and teaching others about these beautiful birds. We invite you to share it with the world. On some of the articles we listed the authors name as it was requested for us to do so if we republished it. We would ask that you also do the same out of respect for the author.

General Photos and Images ( photos taken by others ) OR
If you see one of your photos being used on our site
The photos are being used for educational purposes or instruction purposes only.
Some of the photos we use are from public Google image searches or from websites that once uploaded to the copyright is released for public use - FaceBook just as one example. We do not take or use photos directly from any private websites. We only use public image searches or use photos from open source websites. Most of the photos are sent to us by email from visitors to the website who read our requests for photos. In any given week I receive 10 to 12 photos from site visitors. Content owned by others via YouTube or shared articles are credited.

 If we have used a photo that belongs to you or at one time belonged to you, and you do not want to share the photo or if you would like the photo removed.

Simply send us an email with an attachment of the original photo or some proof of ownership.  Once we receive the request and after review - we will remove the photo within 3 days. OR in most cases we would be happy to add your name as the person who took the photo giving you credit for the photo.
In your message please indicate what you are requesting.

*Send requests to LuckyFeathersAviary ( at )  Gmail.com

*you must attach a copy of the photo to the email message.
So that we can verify what photo you are asking or talking about and for proof of ownership / copyright.

We are linking to your photo:
In almost all cases if we post a photo on our website it was either taken from a public domain where copyright was released once uploaded or it was sent to us for use. When we can not find a public copy of a photo or when no one has sent us a photo to use, We sometimes will link directly to the photo. Doing so allows us to reference the photo without downloading it and posting it on our website. As long as the photo is being hosted on another domain other than OURS it can be legally linked to.  You would need to contact the website domain that actually is hosting the photo and ask or have them remove or delete it from the Internet. Once that is completed the direct links we are using will no longer work. This is the only way to get direct linked photos removed.

Page first updated Feb 2012

Page last updated Apr 2015


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