Birdie Play-Pens ( Photos Below )
Very Safe, Cheap, Secure, No Mess & a Great Training Tool.


I added this page so that you can see what kind of playpens the babies are raised in. I recommend that every baby up until it is 4 or 5 months old be kept at home in a playpen in place of a cage. This allows you to work with the baby in a safer environment at first. They seem to feel very secure in play pens like this. If you do not have access to a play pen or are not able to build one a cage will be ok, however I do suggest a small cage to start. Once the baby is used to its new family and home you can upgrade to a larger cage.

Used In addition to a cage:   ( Great Training Tool )
These are also great to use in addition to a cage. You can place it right on the coffee table and use it for play time with your new baby. The baby will learn quickly that the play pen is for fun and treats. They will start to look forward to you getting them out of the cage and spending some time in the play pen.
( Just like a child looks forward to a trip to the park ). 
Play pens are generally safe places to keep your baby if you have cats or dogs in the home. They are very cheap and easy to build. Make sure you purchase a clear box with a lid that locks into place. Or order one of mine.

Pine Shavings:
For bedding on the bottom of the pens always use pine shavings, never use cedar because the fumes are to strong.  Drill holes in the top for air.

Travel Time: ( also very clean – no mess ever! )
These are great for traveling. Safe secure and no mess. Great to use for vet and doctor trips also. Staying in a hotel or motor home? These are great, No seeds on the floor!

Order a play pen:
I do offer them for sale (see below) Let me know if you would like one and I will build it. A small playpen with a perch, toy, bedding and seed dishes for only $25. If it needs to be shipped it will cost an extra $15 for shipping.Order Instructions:
* I build these to order, So once you place your order please allow up to two weeks for me to get it built and shipped. In most cases I keep 2 or 3 built in advance and will ship within a day or two. I no longer build or sell the large playpens. Shipping became way to expensive. The small size is the most common and all that is needed in most cases for one or two Parrotlets, a Budgie or a Conure.

Birdie PlayPen $25   (27 Quart Parrotlet Size)

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This size is great for one or two small birds
such as Parrotlets or English Budgies. (made to order)

Large PlayPen $40  (Cockatiel Size)
No longer available for shipping customers because of the cost.
Looking down into the large playpen

order instructions