Nest Box

 Bird Breeder Nesting Boxes

I can supply nest boxes for Macaws. African Greys. Amazons. Cockatoos. Cockatiels. Finches. English Budgies or Parakeets . Or to your own Specification. Shipping available!    By: LuckyFeathers

Several Sizes available.
I will be adding photos and descriptions of each size soon.
All sizes from finch to large parrot will be available.
(large parrot boxes will be made to order)

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Parakeet – Budgie & Parrotlet Boxes 9.95 each
Cockatiel – Lovebird & Conure Boxes 19.95 each
Boxes come with hardware to attach to cage

African Grey & Amazon Boxes 52.95 each
The inside of the box is wire lined

Also Available
Many different sizes of play gyms 19.95 to 49.95
Bird Shipping Boxes – Airline Approved 15.00 to 30.00
Carrying Cases 8.00 to 12.00
L Shaped Nesting Boxes for ex-Large Parrots 20.00 to 120.00
The inside of the box is metal lined

Small Breeding Nest Boxes are almost always available
(large parrot boxes will be made to order)

I will offer shipping if needed, However I do not know what the cost will be as of yet. I will be checking on this soon. I will try to get the lowest shipping cost available. I can estimate that boxes the size of parakeet, budgie and parrotlet will cost about 7.00 each to ship.

How to Build Nest Boxes for Budgies    Video

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