DNA Feather Sexing $25.00

All Conures, Linnies & Albino or Lutino Birds of any breed.

Some of our babies will need to be DNA feather sexed if you want to know male or female. These babies would include all conures, Linnies, Albino or Lutino Parrotlets, Cockatiels or Budgies. DNA sexing is the only sure way of knowing the sex.

DNA sexing normally takes about 4 to 5 days for us to get the results. The customer must pay for the service in advance.($25.00) The cost of the DNA sexing is in addition to the cost of the baby bird and is non-refundable. You will need to let us know as soon as possible if you want your bird DNA sexed.
DNA sexing has become the preferred method for identifying the sex of monomorphic birds (males and females having no external differences). DNA sexing can be performed with feather or eggshell samples. With recent advances in DNA technology, we can now extract the necessary DNA to be able to determine the sex from just a few plucked feathers.


LuckyFeathers.com / DNA Sexing Questions

Question – Is it required or necessary to know the sex of the bird if its going to be a pet.
Answer – No not at all, Normally the only customers who require DNA sexing are breeders who must know the sex. If you are getting the bird as a pet you do not need to know the sex and in some cases you will be able to tell what the sex of the bird is once it grows up. For example if your bird lays an egg it is 100% female. Conures, Parrotlets and such other birds make great pets male or female. Both males and females can learn to talk and if you are not going to breed your bird it is not necessary to know the sex at such a young age. We only offer the service for customers who want or require it.

Question – If i have a holding deposit on a baby and the DNA results come back indicating the wrong sex, Do I lose my deposit if I no longer want the bird?
Answer – No, If you require to know the sex in advance and you have paid the 50% holding fee plus the $25.00 sexing fee and you no longer want the bird because it came back as the wrong sex, we will not keep your holding deposit. However, you will lose the DNA sexing cost of $25.00 as it is not refundable. You will need to let us know the sex you are wanting in advance of getting the results and You will need to let us know within 24 hours of the DNA sexing results being sent to you if you want to keep the baby providing it was not the sex you were wanting. ( 24 hrs )

Question – If i pay the $25.00 DNA sexing charge and the results are not what i wanted, Do i have to pay the DNA sexing charge again to have another baby tested?
Answer – Yes, Each time we send the feathers off to be tested we are charged the $25.00 fee. It must be paid each time. The $25.00 fee is exactly the amount we are charged and must be collected in advance each time.

Question – Your deposit page states that my 50% holding deposit is non-refundable. However you have stated here that i will get my deposit back if the DNA results are not what i was looking for. Please state clearly what the policy is.
Answer – Our policy is that no holding deposits are refundable because of the nature of our business. However it makes a difference if you ask us or tell us in advance by email or over the phone that you must know the sex of the bird. If it is understood that you are putting a deposit on a bird and require it to be DNA sexed and have pre-paid for the DNA sexing we will not keep your deposit if the bird comes back with the wrong results. It is required that you tell us within 24 hours of being told the DNA results. If you wait a few days and then tell us  you do not want the baby we have lost valuable time trying to find a home for the baby bird and may have missed several chances to sell it to a customer. We are in the business of making our customers very happy, Good communication between us and the customer will always help in avoiding any issues.

Question – Who do you use for the DNA sexing service? Will I receive a paper certificate of the results?
Answer – We use Each test results are certified with a certificate indicating the birds breed, color and ID number.