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Because of the large number of requests, I will be offering my Parrotlet Seed Mix here on the website to everyone soon. Currently I am in the process of purchasing and setting up several new food dehydrators in order to get ready for orders. 

Each mix will be custom made to order and will include dehydrated veggies and fruit along with pellets. It simply will be the best Parrotlet Mix in the world!
Sign up for my news letter if you are interested and I will let you know as soon as I am set up. Currently I have 3 dehydrators running at all times in order to make enough mix for my own birds. I want to get set up with at least 8 new dehydrator machines before I start taking orders. I expect the high quality mix to cost about $3 per pound and will include lots of veggies, Fruit and Pellets for a total and complete Parrotlet Diet that can not be found in stores.  
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