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NOTE: The Aviary below is not associated with LuckyFeathers nor have they in any way endorsed LuckyFeathers. This is simply my personal review of this Aviary based on all the things I have learned and heard about them over the years from my own customers and from other breeders.

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LuckyFeathers recommends ParrotletAviary.com
I have followed the posts and photos from this Aviary for a long time now and have had the pleasure to talk with them on the phone several times. They have some of the most beautiful parrotlets with many colors to choose from. I believe this breeder follows good breeding ethics and loves what he does. Many of my own customers are also customers of Parrotlet-Aviary and have had great things to say about them. They also supply beautiful clear Acrylic cages, brooders and plastic nest boxes. Look them up at the link below.

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(Copied from their website)

We are a Closed Controlled aviary which breed and collect various mutations of Pacific Parrotlets, Fischers Eyering Lovebirds, Green cheek Conures, and Kakarikis. All our birds are hand fed from 7-10 days of age and are all banded. We work with our birds on a daily basis to ensure a sweet temperament for future pet owners. We pride ourselves in producing quality healthy birds for the general public as well as breeders alike. They are located in Queens New York and offer quick and safe shipping.

Some of their current parrotlet mutations include green, green splits, blue, blue splits, yellow, yellow splits, white, dilute turquoise, green pied, blue pied, yellow pied, white pied, dilute turquoise pied, snow, cobalt, cobalt pied, cobalt fallow, green fallow, blue fallow, yellow fallow, white fallow, green fallow pied, blue fallow pied, yellow fallow pied, white fallow pied, blue lacewing pastel, white lace wing pastel, yellow lace wing pastel, green lacewing pastels, standard European pastels, turquoise pastel, dilute turquoise pastel, pastel pied, lutino, albino, creamino colors.

We also carry some Lucida Subspecies Mutations.
We now have Green Rump Parrotlets!!!

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Disclaimer Information:

Lucky Feathers Breeder Referrals
Often I will get messages from people asking me where they can find a bird that I dont have or a color mutation that I dont have available. I am more than happy to pass along those customers to the best possible breeders. The average customer from my experience does not know how important it is to purchase from a breeder who practices good breeding ethics. It can make the difference between a bird that lives 3 to 5 years compared to a bird that could live 15 to 30 years. If I list another breeder as a referral it is because I believe they practice these strong breeding ethics based on either my personal experience or feedback that I have received over the years from my  customers.  ~  Sean Ira

NOTE: Parrotlet Aviary is not associated with LuckyFeathers nor have they in any way endorsed LuckyFeathers. This is simply my personal review of Parrotlet Aviary based on all the great things I have learned and heard about them over the years.


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