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#4 Cockatiel Mutation Photos
A great resource site I found showing
photos of the different Cockatiel Mutations
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They have tons of great info about Cockatiels

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My Available Babies My Available Babies My Available Babies
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African Greys
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Click on the photos above to see a list of my available babies.
My website makes my aviary appear to be much larger than it really is, I am a small breeder and I don't always have babies available. I allow my adult breeders to have no more than 3 clutches of babies each year. If I currently do not have any babies available make sure to get on my

waiting list Thank you for visiting,  Sean Ira

Green Cheek Conures 
More babies coming soon.


Available Parrotlet Babies

African Grey Babies Coming Soon!
International Parrotlet society Member


English Budgies / Purebred from show stock
African Greys
Amazon Parrots
Parrotlets and many others

25 Years Experience

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is a proud member of the
American Budgerigar Society

All of our English budgies come from show stock
blood lines!

Your best source for information about keeping, breeding and exhibiting budgerigars.
Official Website

District #5 Florida

We were proud members (prior) of the:

Looking for beautiful English Budgies - Give us a call !!


Known as the Tea-Cup Parrot or the Pocket Parrot. These little guys are adorable and make great pets. For people who want a bird with a large parrot personality without the large parrot, look no further than the diminutive Parrotlet. These wonderful birds have all the personality of the large parrots.
Available Babies


Bird Rescue and Foster Care Available

Please do not let your bird lose, If you can not sell it or find it a good home contact us first!
POLICY: All rescue, foster care or donated birds will be retired and not sold.
They will live out the rest of their lives in a clean fun environment with out having to worry about being relocated.

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Australian National Cockatiel Society  (ANCS)


~ Green Pacific Parrotlets ~ Blue Pacific Parrotlets ~ American Yellow Pacific Parrotlets ~ American White Pacific Parrotlets ~ Turquoise Pacific Parrotlets ~ Dominant Pied Pacific Parrotlets ~ Fallow Pacific Parrotlets ~ Albino Pacific Parrotlets ~ Lutinos Pacific Parrotlets ~ Single, Double & Triple Splits & More. littletweet little tweet little tweet parrotlets for sale

Cockatiel Resources Coming Soon.
Cockatiel Care:
Bringing Home Your Cockatiel
Cages, Toys & Perches for Cockatiels
Diet for Cockatiels (Pet)
Birdie Bread Recipe
Clipping Wings & Grooming of Cockatiels
Safety/Hazards for Cockatiels
Teaching Your Cockatiel to Talk
Cockatiel Breeding:
Diet for Cockatiel (Breeding Pairs)
Cockatiel Breeding Tips
Cockatiel Color Mutations (Single)

Cockatiel Color Mutations (Double)

Egg Laying - What to Expect from your Cockatiel
Hand Feeding Your Baby Cockatiels
Stages Of Cockatiel Development

Sexing Baby Cockatiels
Recommended Resources:
The Cockatiel Handbook
Links to Great Sites for Cockatiels
Cockatiels FAQ's:
Which are Better Pets: Cockatiel Males, Females, Colors or Mutations?
Why do some Cockatiel Colors Cost More?
Why Cockatiels are Better in a Pair?
What if my Cockatiel Tries to Bite?
What if my Cockatiel Starts Molting?


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